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                    |             `fvrb-ex'             |
                    |            Version 1.7            |
                    |           March 27, 1998          |
                    |                                   |
                    | Denis Girou (CNRS/IDRIS - France) |
                    |       <Denis.Girou@idris.fr>      |

  This package, built above the `fancyvrb' one (from Timothy van Zandt),
offer several kinds of the so-called "example" environments to format some
code both in "verbatim" mode and in the "normal" way, below or on the side.
The advantage of such environments is that the code itself is included only
one time in the source code, which allow to be sure of the consistence of the
two versions shown.

  Some other kinds of such environments are specially devoted to graphics,
allowing to give the size of them. It is also possible in this case to draw
also a grid.


  * You must be aware that it has been reported that this package doesn't work
at all on some platforms, due to the way the 8 bits characters are managed by
some TeX systems.
    You can make first the following test (courtesy Sebastian Rahtz):

\usepackage{moreverb} % CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/supported/moreverb

    If you got in the file "test.txt" not the exact input line but ^^a3 for
the first character, this package has no change to really work for you...

    Just try to position (courtesy Thomas Esser) LC_CTYPE=C if your system
accept it and retry the preceding test.

  * We suppose here that you already know the `fancyvrb' package. If not, look
at it own documentation!

  * The standard `color' package must be available, with a correct "color.cfg"
file defining the dvi converter that must be used.

  * Some environments, specially devoted to graphics, require PSTricks,
but `fvrb-ex' desactivate them if PSTricks is not available so it can be used
without it.


     Comments, suggestions and bug reports (with version number and the
keyword "fancyvrb" in the subject of the message) to <Denis.Girou@idris.fr>
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