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Direc­tory language/spanish/babel/base

Spanish for babel

Este directorio es un lugar permanente para la última versión
oficial del estilo babel para la lengua castellana. Hay que
advertir que los archivos incluidos en la distribución de babel,
pueden estar desfasados, y a menudo lo están (a veces incluso
casi año y medio).

El directorio contrib, como su nombre sugiere, no es parte del
lote oficial.


This directory is a permanent place for the latest official release
of the babel style for the Spanish language. Note the files bundled
with the babel distribution could be, and very often are, outdated
(sometimes even almost a year and a half).

The contrib directory, as its name implies, is not part of the
official bundle.


5.0a. 2007-02-21 (in babel: 2008-03-18)
Reimplemented in full, which some parts rewritten from scratch.  Added
the es- mechanism and the mexico option.  Many bug fixes

5.0d. 2008-05-25
Fixed two bugs: misplaced subscripts with lim and the like; problem
with \roman and hyperref

5.0e. 2008-07-06 (in babel: 2008-07-06)
Fixed '', which gobbled the space following.

[5.0f. Internal.] 

5.0g. 2008-07-19 (in babel: never)
Fixed '' again, which killed the preceding kerning 

5.0h.  2009-01-02 (in babel: 2009-09-24)
Added two package options: es-noenumerate, es-noitemize.
As of 2010-05-22 this obsolete version is still the one bundled with babel.

5.0i. 2009-05-11 (in babel: never)
Fixed bug with romanidx.

5.0j. 2010-05-23 (in babel: never)
Fixed a babel bug for spanish to work with french.
Fixed a bug with ifthen.
Fixed a bug with \... and \.

5.0k. 2011-10-06
Fixed an error when . had mathcode "8000 before loading spanish


Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (200.9k).

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