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This is release 1.0 of the bug report with all macros (some of which
have been fixed). Run {\tt tip-bugs.tex} through {\tt tex}
(plain format is what you want to use!), print the file and
you are in business.

And if you do a "initex texipexp.tex" you get fmt file
"texipexp.fmt". Rename this file to "texip.fmt." You now have
a .fmt file with all the relevant macros preloaded.

And before I forget it: texip.idx contains an ASCII version of the
index which you can bring up in your favorite editor if you search
for a term in the index. Please tell me whether you found a machine
readable index a useful feature.

Thank you.

For you PC people
On your diskette you find three files:

1. If you execute "lha l texip" you can see the contents
        of "texip.lzh"
2. If you execute "lha x texip" you can extract the contents
    of "texip.lzh"

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (308.3k).

tip – Macro ex­am­ples from “ in Prac­tice”

A col­lec­tion of files which are ma­chine-read­able copies of the ex­am­ples in all four vol­umes of the book. An in­dex to the se­ries is also pro­vided.

The four vol­umes of in Prac­tice are pub­lished by Springer Ver­lag, ISBN 3-540-97296-X.

Li­cense Do Not Sell Ex­cept by Ar­range­ment
Copy­right1993 Springer-Ver­lag New York
Main­tainer Stephan von Bech­tol­sheim
Topics copies of ex­am­ples from a pub­lished book
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