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text2bib is a PHP script for converting references to BibTeX format.  It aims to convert accurately references in any
reasonable format.  Here are three examples of references that it converts correctly:

Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz, and H. Uzawa (1961), "Constraint qualifications in maximization problems," Naval Research 
Logistics Quarterly 8, 175-191.

Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz, and H. Uzawa [1961], ``Constraint qualifications in maximization problems,'' {\it Naval Research
Logistics Quarterly}, 8(2), 175-191.

Arrow, K. J., L. Hurwicz, \& H. Uzawa. Constraint qualifications in maximization problems. \textit{Naval Research
Logistics Quarterly}, 8(2): 175--191. 1961.

The script is freely available, under the GPL license (see the file COPYING).  It may currently be used via the web at
where some more details of its operation are available.

The file INSTALL gives instructions on how to install the script on a server.

Martin J. Osborne

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (23.2k).

tex­t2bib – A PHP script to con­vert ref­er­ences to BibTeX

Tex­t2bib is a PHP script for con­vert­ing ref­er­ences to BibTeX for­mat. (It is cur­rently im­ple­mented at the pack­age home page.)

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