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Date: April 29, 2002 9:23:45 AM CEST
----- For­warded mes­sage from J.Fo­jtik ----- + what you've up­loaded wp2la­tex pack­age up­date + which CTAN node you've up­loaded to ftp.dante.de/in­com­ing + where you want the files to go sup­port/wp2la­tex + what li­cens­ing con­di­tions you ap­ply to your soft­ware (see list be­low). GPL + a brief sum­mary of what your up­load is in­tended to do. (please note that the mail should be in en­glish for speedy pro­cess­ing) New: Sup­ported style eps­fig.sty, fixed prob­lem with file­names. New: RTF parser now work­ing. Try "make rtf". New: Small at­tempt to do some­thing with raster im­ages. New: Gamma ver­sion of Win­dows GUI. New: Abil­ity to read WP3.x Mac­in­tosh files. New: Make in­stall per­haps works un­der Linux. New: Sup­ported pack­age fontenc[T1]. New: Bet­ter win­dows GUI. Nested ta­bles sup­ported. New: Ger­man lo­cal­iza­tion (Thanks to Hill­mar Preusse). New: Make in­stall should work un­der DOS/WINDOWS. New: T602 parser. ----- End for­warded mes­sage ----- Thanks for the up­load. I in­stalled it as sug­gested re­plac­ing the old ver­sion in CTAN:/tex-archive/sup­port/wp2la­tex/ Rein­hard Zierke for the CTAN team

WP2 – Con­vert WordPer­fect doc­u­ments to

This is a long es­tab­lished, sup­ported, con­verter. A patch is avail­able to use its code as an HTML to con­ver­tor (see doc­u­men­ta­tion link, be­low; this code is un­re­lated to the pur­pose-built HTML2, also on CTAN).

Main­tainerJaroslav Fo­jtík



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