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2.09 sup­port for Ad­vances in Con­trol Sys­tems
A bib­li­og­ra­phy style with an­no­ta­tions
A BibTeX style that pro­cesses an­no­ta­tions
Chess board macros us­ing stan­dard fonts
Ver­ba­tim en­vi­ron­ment, with rather few es­capes
Asymp­tote by ex­am­ple
Asymp­tote FAQ (Chi­nese trans­la­tion)
A Chi­nese trans­la­tion of the asymp­tote man­ual
Au­tomagic num­ber­ing in Plain
Ta­ble of con­tents in Plain
Balance dou­ble-col­umn sec­tions in
Trees, us­ing PiCTeX
Sup­port for use of Bit­stream fonts
A black­let­ter font
A col­lec­tion of ex­am­ples from pub­lished -re­lated books
Draw a box around a text
Font for plan­e­tary sym­bols
A font de­signed by a com­mit­tee
A list of plain.tex cs names
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Czech
A vari­a­tion on the de­scrip­tion en­vi­ron­ment
De­fine macros as ver­ba­tim macros
Type­set De­vana­gari with Omega
Equa­tion, fig­ure (etc.) num­ber­ing and ref­er­enc­ing
Dou­ble-col­umn page macros for Plain
Cal­cu­late day of week from a nu­meric date
Con­cate­nates DVI files
A dvips Shell for MS-Win­dows32
Generic "end­notes" code
Cus­tomi­sa­tion for Esperanto
A sim­ple macro for fak­ing bold fonts
Auto-num­bered foot­notes in Plain
Frag­ments of code
Make some­thing like guillemets
A col­lec­tion of doc­u­men­ta­tion avail­able in Ger­man
Make al­lo­ca­tions lo­cal
Generic macros for quan­tum physics
An "Old English" font
A "HighStyle" en­vi­ron­ment for
HP GL con­verter
En­vi­ron­ments that change mar­gins
In­dented text with neg­a­tive para­graph in­den­ta­tion
An ob­so­lete means to use ISO 8859-1 with
Ti­tle page for the old BSI IST/21 com­mit­tee
A BibTeX file man­ager writ­ten in Java
Car­to­graphic signs
Print ad­dress la­bels in three columns
Zero-width boxes for an­no­ta­tions, etc
A ref­er­ence for in HTML
Let­ter for­mat­ting macros
Let­ter macros for Plain
Macros for Springer books
Macros to pro­duce a ta­ble of con­tents
Mis­cel­la­neous pack­ages, etc
Com­pute the Man­del­brot set
Styles and ex­am­ples for the MAPLE newslet­ter
MathTime AFM files
Prevent reload­ing of files
Plain macros for mem­o­randa
Type­set doc­u­ments for MIT Press
Sim­u­late msxm and msym fonts us­ing msam and msbm
An un­sorted BibTeX style with la­bels pro­vided in the database
Pre­serve spaces and line breaks when set­ting text
Dutch Users Group in­for­ma­tion
NTS mail­ing list di­gests
A tree hold­ing ob­so­lete soft­ware
Boxes with frames whose cor­ners are rounded
Para­graph "tricks" macros
Mis­cel­la­neous con­tributed macros for plain
Plain macros for mak­ing nice cal­en­dars
Pol­ish ex­ten­sion to Com­puter Modern fonts
Print the con­tents of a bib­li­og­ra­phy
PostScript fonts for use with and
Raw Type 1 fonts with
Scripted ver­sion of doc­strip
VMS tools for con­trol­ling QMS print­ers
Type­set an at­tributed quo­ta­tion
Con­di­tional macro, etc., def­i­ni­tions
Ro­tate boxes
Sam­ples of Plain cod­ing
Ti­tle page for the old ISO TC97/SC21 com­mit­tee
Ti­tle page for the old ISO TC97/SC21/WG1 work­ing group
Pre­pare a doc­u­ment for a sim­ple pre­viewer
Num­bered lists for sen­tences
A set of def­i­ni­tions for Unix sys­tem doc­u­men­ta­tion
Sans head­ers in book style
Save a tab­bing en­vi­ron­ment in a box
Browser plu­gin for view­ing and sources
Win32 draw­ing pack­age for math­e­mat­i­cal di­a­grams
Digests of a gen­eral mail­ing list
Sim­ple in­dex­ing us­ing stan­dard Unix com­mands
Sup­port tgrind in 2.09
Print dates of Fri­day 13th days
Three-col­umn newslet­ter out­put
Type­set time-lines, for plan­ning, etc
Ta­ble of con­tents macros for Plain
A col­lec­tion of trade­marks and the like
Two-side type­set­ting in Plain
The UK di­gest
A sim­ple macro for plac­ing a tilde un­der a char­ac­ter
Mark un­fin­ished parts of a doc­u­ment
A half-tone font
De­fine new ver­ba­tim "en­vi­ron­ments" in Plain
Nine-point web list­ings
Use sans serif font in Web list­ings
Em for win­dows
Tamil to con­verter
De­fine com­mands with op­tional ar­gu­ments
A 2.09 doc­u­ment style with 7pt, 8pt and 9pt op­tions
A crossed-out ver­sion of Com­puter Modern
Dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tion for dif­fer­ent cap­tions
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