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thanks for en­abling ebooks through PDF

I use both an­i­mate and me­dia9, and such rich me­dia re­ally en­liven PDF doc­u­ments. Thanks for im­por­tant work.
Michael Co­hen, 2014-11-04 04:48 CET

Add year to in­line ci­ta­tions.

Could you think about adding 'year' to in­line ci­ta­tions? I may have to go back to foot­notes as I can't come up with a straight­for­ward way of do­ing this with­out cre­at­ing a new cite com­mand which would up­set track­ers and so on.
Mike Lead­bet­ter, 2014-10-06 20:00 CEST

pro­posed sign for path in­te­grals

Could some­one please de­sign an in­te­gral sign that looks like a Cornu spi­ral? i.e. the usual \int but with curly ends. Typed in LaTeX as \intc, it could go in the esint pack­age or ams­math. It would sig­nify a path in­te­gral in physics. \intc_a^b \exp{iS[x(t)]}{\cal D}x(t) would sig­nify tak­ing a sum over all paths from point a to point b. Right now one uses just \int_a^b, but it's not a Rie­mann or Lebesgue in­te­gral.
Lang Withers, 2014-10-06 18:55 CEST

Awe­some work

I have been think­ing of do­ing this for a long time since I get tired of for­mat­ting ev­ery com­ment I make on a tex file. Thanks for your ef­fort and this is go­ing to be a per­ma­nent mem­ber of my pream­ble.
Ra­makr­ish­nan Nate­san, 2014-08-15 22:27 CEST

mol2chem in javascript

Mol2­chemi­fig is python script, how ever i am look­ing for the same fea­ture in javascript. ba­si­cally i need this as plu­gin to Dru­pal, for an LMS project.
Venky, 2014-08-04 10:35 CEST


Thanks for the ef­fort and mak­ing it eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble for all.

Rida Kobina, 2014-07-29 18:15 CEST

Great pack­age and \RetArg com­mand

Hello. Thank you for the great pack�age for Bode and Nyquist plots in Tikz. I am us�ing it ex�ten�sively for my slides.

Wanted to let you know that the out�put of \RetArg is in ra�di�ans and not in de�grees where as other com�mands such as \POArg is in de�grees. This is easy to cor�rect by us�ing 57.29*\RetArg. I have found out be�cause I have found dsi�crep�an�cies with mat�lab when us�ing pure de�lays. You will find that the Bode plot in the doc�u�men�ta�tion for the first or�der with de�lay is wrong.



Franky De Bruyne, 2014-07-22 22:10 CEST

I need a mac­tex

I need a mac­tex
jun young bum, 2014-07-08 08:59 CEST


Just wanted to drop a note in your guest book and say thank you for mak­ing this site avail­able.

Devel­oper @

Alex, 2014-06-21 20:30 CEST

Great Info Site

wanted to drop a note in your guest book and say thank you for mak­ing this site avail­able.
Alex, 2014-06-21 20:27 CEST

la­texd­iff is fan­tas­tic!

Thank you for host­ing such a great site with valu­able re­sources. la­texd­iff is a great tool that I ex­pect to be very use­ful as I work through ver­sions of my Master's the­sis!
Paul Kae­fer, 2014-06-09 15:59 CEST

Thanks for the site

I wanted to drop a note in your guest book and say thank you for mak­ing this site avail­able. I am a long time tech and be­gin­ning writer. Hope to make lots of progress with the MacTeX tools
Roger Swan­son, 2014-05-08 23:21 CEST

A great new look

All those in­volved in main­tain­ing CTAN over the years de­serve the heart­felt grat­i­tude of the TeX com­mu­nity. The in­ter­face keeps evolv­ing to­ward greater user friend­li­ness and good looks. Well done!
Ajit Thakkar, 2014-05-07 13:48 CEST

How to in­stall supp-pdf.mkii?

in­stall 13ker­nel and 13pack­ages
mehdi, 2014-04-24 20:15 CEST

How to in­stall supp-pdf.mkii?

Every­thing worked well and sud­denly:

... ("C:\Pro­gram Files\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\con­text\base\supp-pdf.mkii" [Load­ing MPS to PDF con­verter (ver­sion 2006.09.02).] \scratch­counter=\coun­t227 \scratchdi­men=\di­men233 \scratch­box=\box89 \nofMPseg­ments=\coun­t228 \nofMPar­gu­ments=\coun­t229 \ev­eryMPshow­font=\tok­s52 \MPscratchCnt=\coun­t230 ! No room for a new \di­men . \ch@ck ...\else \er­rmes­sage {No room for a new #3} \fi l.1253 \newdi­men\MPscratchDim % will be as­signed global ? ---------------------------------------- What to do?

Thank you! S.Gurov

Sergey Gurov, 2014-03-20 17:52 CET


Why is the above men­tioned pack­age not avail via tlmgr in­stall pgf-umlcd and only in MiKTeX?
L. Hum­bert, 2014-03-19 18:37 CET

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