Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Rolf Niepraschk

A let­ter class op­tion file for the au­to­matic cre­ation of copies
Doc­u­ment class for the jour­nal of DANTE
Up­scale or down­scale all pages of a doc­u­ment
A font with the im­ages of the coun­tries of Europe
Retrieve colour model and val­ues for de­fined colours
Easy in­stall of TeX Live
Add pic­ture com­mands (or back­grounds) to ev­ery page
The DANTE TeX Users Group Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions
Create an overview of pic­tures from a dig­i­tal cam­era or from other sources
JPEG to PostScript con­verter for OS/2
Graph­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of keys on key­board
Create small hand­outs (fly­ers)
A loop fa­cil­ity for Generic TeX
Type 1 ver­sions of the fonts rec­om­mended in nice­frame
Com­bine LaTeX com­mands over in­cluded graph­ics
Use PostScript com­mands in­side a pdfLaTeX doc­u­ment
Make PDF ver­sions of graph­ics by pro­cess­ing be­tween runs
Type­set cap­tions side­ways
Type­set­ting LaTeX source code
Draw a page-lay­out di­a­gram
Dummy TeX Live RPM for use with Open SUSE
New im­ple­men­ta­tion of pic­ture com­mands
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